Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HP sucks!

I haven't been able to blog because my HP notebook was sent in for repairs. I had two issues: the system doesn't recognize my wireless card, and the 2nd monitor doesn't disply colors properly. I was promised a turn-around time of 7-9 business days but didn't get my notebook back until this morning -- a two week delay.

I fired up the system again right away. Guess what? It had exactly the same problems! According to the note that came with it, they changed the wireless card. But apparently they didn't even bother to turn it back on afterwards, since any idiot would have seen the indicator light for the wireless card stayed orange (as opposed to turning blue).

After spending another hour with HP and talking to a supervisor, I'm again waiting for a pre-paid box to ship my notebook back...

Time to check out HP as a short.