Sunday, February 11, 2007

A new beginning

Baby Alexandra (Alexis) arrived at 3:09 AM, Thursday, February 8th. Two weeks prior, there was a fear that she might have been breeched. I was temporarily mortified by the prospect of her having my wife’s sense of direction but fortunately ultrasound later showed that worry to be unfounded.

Alexis came almost two weeks early. She also took after her mother and weighed in at a petit 6 ponds even, but it still took 3 hours of grueling pushing to bring her into this world. Both Mom and Baby are doing very well.

So begins a new chapter in our lives where each decision takes on greater significance. As far as our finances are concerned, we’ll continue to live and invest as wisely as we can and share our experiences here.

That explains my lack of blogging in the recent past. Hopefully, things will improve starting from next week. Best.