Sunday, April 30, 2006

Audio resources around the net

Pod cast and streaming audio are all the rage now. There are some really high quality finance related programs on the internet. The following is an annotated list of the programs that I listen to often. They vary in emphasis from macroeconomics to commodities, to technical analysis, as well as personal finance thrown in as well. The list is arranged according to how religiously I follow each program.

Never miss

Don Coxe’s weekly conference call, approximately 1hour every Friday
Don Coxe, author of The New Reality on Wall Street, is the global portfolio strategist at BMO Harris Nesbitt. The audio program is a recording of his weekly conference call with institutional clients. He spends most of the time going over geopolitical and macroeconomic events before answering questions from people on the call. He has been a commodities bull for years. (Note, for some reason Firefox doesn’t work with the link for me, but IE does.)
Financial Sense News Hour, 3 hours every Saturday
Produced by Jim Puplava at Financial Sense Online, the first hour features regulars like Tim Wood and Dave Morgan covering topics such as technical analysis of the markets, energy and precious metals. The second hour features an author interview (Matt Simmons, author of Twilight in the desert was on this week, not to be missed for anyone interested in the question of peak oil). The last hour is usually a big picture overview where they answer listener emails and phone calls.

Catch when I can
The Business Talk Radio net work has some excellent, nationally syndicated programs on personal finance and stock trading You can listen to the streaming audio online or download from the mp3 archive. I particularly enjoy:

Ray Lucia, week days 12-3 pm EST
Ray and his top notch team (CFP + CPA + tax lawyer) answers listener questions about taxes, retirement planning, real estate investment, etc. This is the best personal finance radio show that I’m aware of, bar none.
Gary Kaltbaum from Investor’s Edge, week days 5-7 pm EST
Technician Gary Katlbaum is also a regular guest on the Fox Bulls and Bears program. He summarizes the day’s market action and answers listener questions about specific stocks. Once getting over his somewhat abrasive style, you’ll realize he has a lot to offer. He has his own website at
Jack Steiman from Invested Central, week days 4-5 pm EST
Invested Central has 4 shows daily and this is usually the one I catch. Jack Steiman is a great technician with a great on-air demeanor. He’s bullish on the general stock market, especially the Naz, and bearish on gold and oil. I listen to him because it’s necessary to take in different points of view. It keeps me grounded.

Once in a while/probably should listen to more often

Gold Seek Radio
Features interviews with independent analysts, newsletter writers, or authors relevant to precious metal investing.
US Global podcast
US Global funds is a mutual fund company whose precious metal and resource finds I own (UNWPX and PSPFX). Part of their week alerts that examines strengths and weakness in global markets broken down by geographic regions and sectors

Once in a blue moon

The Korelin economics report
Interviews with companies and analysts in the resource sector
Sound Investing
This is the radio program of Paul Merriman at Fund Advice, asset allocator extraordinaire.
The tiger’s den
This is another call-in stock show found on some Money Talk stations. I sometimes catch the Tom O’Brien show which regularly touches on gold stocks.